The Golden Sounds is the creation of frontman Todd Evans. Formed in Nashville (2004), they quickly gained notoriety in the indie scene as "the dream pop band with the coat of lights"-(which Todd wears for most performances.) “It started as a way to make myself feel more comfortable onstage and it just kinda stuck around.”

Having played with bands such as Colour Revolt, Lovedrug and Sleeping At Last, The Golden Sounds walk the line between the lush band feel and lo-fi raw performances. Lyrically he stays introspective using abstract imagery such as robots and space to convey thoughts on relationship and life.

The song "Whistles and Windchimes" was featured on the first Ten Out of Tenn compilation CD alongside artists such as Paper Route and Trent Dabbs. Recently, their songs have been featured in the short film Discover Kasper(2013).

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